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Occupational Therapy Insights

Mar 31, 2021

There are so many ends in out when it comes to occupational therapy documentation. One wrong statement can have an insurance company deny the claim. Let’s take a look at some savvy ways to make sure that your occupational therapy documentation is at its best.

Mar 30, 2021

A 24-YEAR-OLD from Kerala, India was born with moles that cover 80% of his body. Prabhulal, who is currently doing a Masters in Commerce at Madurai Kamaraj University, is the only member of his family to have this rare condition. The moles now cover over half his face, having been growing and increasing in size with...

Mar 29, 2021

Background. Throughout the world, schools have become an important place for professional integration for occupational therapists. Objective. To map the production of knowledge on research related to the keywords “occupational therapy” and “school.” Method. A mapping review was performed, searching the terms...

Mar 28, 2021

This study examined the effectiveness of two approaches used in elementary schools to improve children’s handwriting. Participants were 72 New York City public school students from the first and second grades. A nonequivalent pretest–posttest group design was used in which students engaged in handwriting activities...

Mar 27, 2021

Do you want to become happier and healthier? We’re here are some scientific-based help hacks to help you do just that. Listen and learn!