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Occupational Therapy Insights

Dec 21, 2017

In my mind, the first true occupational therapist had to be a Mother. Mom's are truly people that can make a way out of no way. They are true adapters and modifiers. This post is dedicated to all Mothers that through their tenacity makes the lives of their children better and the lives of pediatric professionals like myself easier. Thanks!!

In this guide are some great OT based research in regards to Mother's!!

1. Breastfeeding among mothers in the public health sector: the role of the occupational therapist

2. Outcomes of an Occupational Therapy Program for Mothers of Children With Disabilities: Impact on Satisfaction With Time Use and Occupational Performance

3. Occupational Goals of Mothers of Children With Disabilities: Influence of Temporal, Social, and Emotional Contexts

4. Research lessons learned: Occupational therapy with culturally diverse mothers of premature infants

5. Mothers with Arthritis, Child Care and Occupational Therapy: Insight through Case Studies

6. Role Perceptions of Mothers With Young Children: The Impact of a Child's Disability

7. Occupational Therapy Intervention to combat stress level of mothers of children with Autism

8. The Effect of Engagement in Everyday Occupations, Role Overload and Social Support on Health and Life Satisfaction among Mothers

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