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Occupational Therapy Insights

Aug 30, 2021

Abstract: Background: Deterioration in upper extremity function has been a common problem among children with cerebral palsy (CP). The present study evaluated the effects of virtual reality (VR)-based rehabilitation combined with conventional occupational therapy (COT) on upper extremity function and caregiver assistance among children with CP. Methods: Medical records of 17 children with CP who regularly participated in a rehabilitation program at Samsung Changwon Hospital were retrospectively reviewed. Ten children received VR-based rehabilitation, which utilized RAPAEL Smart Kids and video games combined with COT. Seven children received COT alone, which was provided by a trained occupational therapist and focused on their upper extremities. Clinical outcomes were determined using the Quality of Upper Extremity Skills Test (QUEST) and Pediatric Evaluation
of Disability Inventory (PEDI), which were administered before and 8 weeks after the first intervention session.