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Occupational Therapy Insights

Dec 27, 2021

“AHS Occupational Therapy Process Enabling Safe Participation in Driving” was made
available to the occupational therapy community in Alberta. The document was part of a larger strategy
to increase the capacity of occupational therapists in Alberta to engage in competent, best practice in the
area of driving assessments. Research in this area continues to evolve at a rapid rate. The AHS
Occupational Therapy Driving Working Group identified the need to update the original document to
reflect the new information. This document is intended for occupational therapists with the purpose of
guiding the practice of driving/clinical assessments and interventions in Alberta. The information and
resources provided in this document are intended to promote consistent practice throughout the
province. The information, resources and forms included are designed to reflect best practice and
increase efficiencies. Documentation templates are included in the appendixes. These can be modified to
reflect practice within sites across the province.