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Occupational Therapy Insights

Know Your Clients...

Jan 29, 2018

Hello All,

Just wanted to leave a quick note today in regards to the importance of knowing those you serve.  Recently I had a client, elementary aged little boy, who has become increasingly aggressive and verbally abusive to his peers.  This is a big change from the playful young man I came to know. So, after deciding to contact his Mother about my concerns in regards to his behavior, my eyes were opened.  I was informed that he constantly sees examples of his Father being physically abusive.  Being the big hearted-save the world person I am I wanted to immediately intercede.  At this point, the entire educational team that is working with him is aware and we are adjusting accordingly.

Take Away Lesson: Never react to a behavior if you don't know the reason behind it.  Children mimic what they see.