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Occupational Therapy Insights

Jan 24, 2018

Hi Guys,

We have books!! Of course you know the price....FREE!!  These books are all related to the wonderful field of occupational therapy.  From NBCOT review and study guides, to books on neurology, kinesiology, anatomy, psychology, and more.  Every so often I will be dropping jewels of knowledge in the form of these books.  They will be made available within the app for your direct download.

So our first book is an NBCOT Study Guide, which I have received multiple inquiries about.  This one focuses on COTA's but alot of the information  included will be found in part on the OT certification exam as well. OT Students can often become anxious and at times overwhelmed in regard to what to study to pass the NBCOT certification exam.  So we want to offer just a bit of help. ENJOY!!