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Occupational Therapy Insights

Oct 31, 2018

Here are some quick sensory fixes to use in the classroom and at home to increase students’ attention span and focus.

Oct 30, 2018

OT Study Guide: Splinting Splinting is one of the many aspects of the profession of occupational therapy. An occupational therapist’s expertise in splinting allows us to temporarily immobilize a limb for pain and spasm, to decrease swelling, and to minimize further potential soft-tissue or neurovascular...

Oct 29, 2018

Welcome to another OT News Break. This is the OT News you want to know!! In this episode find out about;

1. The Opioid Epidemic and occupational therapy treatment

2. Occupational Therapist Named New President of the American College of Rheumatology

3. Chronic Absences in Those with Developmental Disabilities

Oct 27, 2018

Today is world Occupational Therapy Day!!  It’s a day to reflect on what we do and how we can do it even better.  This video captures Occupational Therapy from around the world as occupational therapists from different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and regions, proudly proclaims, “I AM OT!!”