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Occupational Therapy Insights

Sep 30, 2019

Memory and retention is the focus of this brain entrainment session.  It is backed by a calming country-side ambiance which can be used both in the classroom and geriatric settings.  

Brainwave entrainment is a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state by using a pulsing sound, light,...

Sep 29, 2019


Sep 28, 2019

Regardless of the area of practice, there is one commonality that all occupational therapists will share in their career. It has the power to totally change their outlook, career path, and may even affect their character.

Sep 27, 2019

As with many specialized fields, there are terms used in special education that are unique. This guide is not a legal document and was developed to give parents and educators in an understanding of the language of special education so they can more easily participate in educational decision-making.

Sep 26, 2019

Hey Guys,

I have been on bit of a hiatus and away from making more personal videos. There has been a lot of big changes in my own little personal OT world over the last few months, and I am continuing to push forward to try to be the best OT I can be.  Thanks to everyone around the globe for your continued support...